How to Use a Bobby Pin

You guys! I know this is kind of off the subject but I’m blown away by this. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT THIS WAS POSSIBLE!

I have fine, slippery hair, and NO PIN has ever worked to keep my hair in place UNTIL LITERALLY TODAY. Confessional time: I have often felt like a failure at “being a girl” because I never knew all the little tips and tricks about style and beauty (which have typically been directed, especially in my formative years, at women of a specific class) that would help you achieve the polished look. To lazily refer to Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble, I perform traditional femininity very, very, very badly. And even though I largely don’t care and have always been rather lackadaisical about my gender performance (or perhaps it’s been, as I said the other day, that I would rather look like I’m not trying at all rather than try to hard and be shamed by the appearance of effort, I dunno, that’s an issue for me and my therapist to work out, I suppose) I have to admit, sometimes I like being a little girly and have suffered a bit at not knowing how to do it. And at the very least, I JUST WANT MY DAMNED HAIR OUT OF MY FACE, THANK YOU!

Grooming achieved, shame avoided, thank you.

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